“The Vaccination Issue” by Jess

Vaccination Causes Autism Says Peer Reviewed Medical Journal On February 1998 Dr. Andrew Wakefield, a british doctor and surgeon along with 12 other researchers published a research paper in the … Continue reading

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“How to have your Wedding and Eat your Cake too” by Zory

Congratulations on getting engaged! You are about to embark on a long and beautiful journey of your lives. Word to the wise is not to jump the gun and get … Continue reading

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“Cuban Day Afternoon” by Jess

Word to the wise, don’t buy a house unless you like sleepless nights, gambling your money or train to become a masochist. During the whole buying process I felt like James Bond. … Continue reading

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“Bomb Voyage” by Jess

After a long day of work I was ready to  spread my roots into the bed. As I took a step into the bedroom I was improperly smacked in the face … Continue reading

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“I See Weed” by Zory

My husband’s family owns a beautiful and cozy beach house in the heart of Surfside Beach. A few times a year we like to drive out there for some much … Continue reading

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“A Romantic Spot for a Getaway” by Zory

#5. The Sandals Resort The moment the driver pulls into the long sumptuous drive way, you feel as if you’ve stepped into paradise. Lush vegetation welcomes you in and the … Continue reading

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“How I Learn to Love the Ghost in my House” by Zory

 It was early in the morning and the house was quiet except for the repeating sound of my knife slicing through the potatoes. I looked back at the opening of … Continue reading

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“Ashes to Ashton” by Zory 

My cat and I have a very special relationship. He is the first face I see the moment I wake up, because he’s the one that wakes me up! He … Continue reading

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“Hollywood is Rebooting my Childhood” by Jess

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon brings back many nostalgic memories to children who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s.Currently there is an ad campaign about the up and … Continue reading

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“Let Sleeping Dogs Lie” by Jess

My wife loves animals. Several times I’ve been surprised by strange beasts appearing mysteriously in our bathrooms. The last dog she rescued thought he was Napoleon and attempted to conquer … Continue reading

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