“I See Weed” by Zory

My husband’s family owns a beautiful and cozy beach house in the heart of Surfside Beach. A few times a year we like to drive out there for some much needed R&R. The last time we trecked out to Surfside was a bit of a challenge and after several postponements, we were finally on our way! I was so excited and happy.

The heat in Texas is a real bummer, but moments like these make it worthwhile. After work we changed quickly and headed out to Surfside beach. We arrive pretty late in the evening, joining up with my father in law and ate a quick bite. We didn’t even make it past the intro to Goldfinger when both of us passed out from exhaustion.

The following morning, the rest of my family made the drive out to and joined us at the beach house. We enjoyed a fresh homemade breakfast with all the trimming that I prepared. After hauling our canopy, umbrellas, games, giant coolers, food, bbq pit and beach toys we ran up to the shore line and discover the motherload of all seaweed mounds.

The seaweed stretched forever. Accompanying the seaweed was the smell of (what I assume) was dead shrimp or something. My brother and my husband began to walk through this sea of insanity and once out they start shouting out for us to join them.Wanting desperately to spend time with my husband and cool down from the Texas heat, I began my slow voyage towards them.

Then it starts….what touched me? What was that? Something touched me! Its as if the water was alive with octopus tentacles reaching out and grabbing you. My brother swears up and down that it clears up, and to keep going. But I’m frozen in one spot. Im totally freaked out, the seaweed monster is definitely trying to take me down to its murky lair. I trudged it back as quickly as I could to shore as I snapped the slimy appendages of the seaweed monster as it attempted to pull me back.

As my hubby approaches I used my best quiver lips, bat my lashes and ask if we could please go home. My poor hubby was disappointed, but the thought of me being unable to cool down in the water and enjoy the beach was enough to tug at his heart strings and we packed up again. The moral to the story is to not unpack the car until you’ve examined the beach first.



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