“How I Learn to Love the Ghost in my House” by Zory

 It was early in the morning and the house was quiet except for the repeating sound of my knife slicing through the potatoes. I looked back at the opening of our french doors and I see my husband sound asleep in bed. Suddenly I hear whispers that came from the opposite side of the house that made the hair on the back of my head stand up. I grip the knife harder in my hand as I realized that NO ONE ELSE IS HOME. I followed the sound and as I got closer the sound faded away. I finished cooking breakfast and I woke up my husband. I kept thinking about the noise as I didn’t want to worry my husband, I didn’t mention it to him. 

I tried to put my mind at ease by thinking to myself that it wasn’t whispering after all, maybe it was the sound of the a/c turning on or maybe I might have a tumor in my head. I made a mental note to see the doctor on my next day off. As I was getting ready to walk out the door to go to work, I hear a child laughing. I run hysterically to my hubby. I swear there is something wrong with me! I think I’m going crazy at this point. I led him to the sound, which was coming from my daughter’s room. I can’t find the source of the sounds which was had changed to insects noises and heartbeats. I used Jess’s phone that he gave me, which had a flashlight and start searching every inch of her room and NOTHING!
My heart was beating and thoughts of hiring an exorcist splashed across my mind. I get down on my belly and start searching under her bed. The sounds was getting louder and I began to be convinced that somehow my daughter had booby trapped her tv or radio or something. I saw wires leading to a rip under her bed and as I followed them I could see that there were speakers that created the noise. Then I hear a cackling from behind me and it was my husband. It was all a PRANK and he got me so good. He even had me record the whole prank with his phone’s camcorder, which he convinced me was a flashlight. He had been controlling a wireless speaker from the master bed room with his Ipad pretending to be asleep.


One comment on ““How I Learn to Love the Ghost in my House” by Zory

  1. LaVagabonde
    July 4, 2015

    That was quite an elaborate prank. 😉


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