“Ashes to Ashton” by Zory 

My cat and I have a very special relationship. He is the first face I see the moment I wake up, because he’s the one that wakes me up! He quietly approaches my face, places his tiny delicate nose on mine, and waits. He waits until I finally flash my eyes open then begins licking my nose. Finally he tries to bite my nose when I don’t immediately respond to his affections. Most mornings are like this, with the exception of “Gifted Mornings”. On those special occasions, I wake up to find dead things on my pillow. My kitty works part time as a hitman for Don Corleone and sends me messages through dead things.

The most horrifying has been the birds, frogs, lizards and giant moths! My horrifying, ear splitting screams would wake my husband out of a gentle slumber. God forbid I don’t praise him for it, because he will starts nudging it towards me with his nose or paws. My kitty, the weirdo. Come to find out from my awesome vet, Dr. Hicks, from Old Town Katy Animal Hospital, that this is a sign of LOVE! Apparently I am a Goddess to my kitty and he shows me his love with these special treats.

My kitty is as clever as Mr. Jinxie from “Meet the parents”. He too has master the toilet like a champ! My daughter had seen an ad for and we bought it. I recommend this to EVERYONE! No more smelly kitty litter. It takes time and patience but once your kitty has mastered the potty, your litter days are over. The only problem is that some nights I’m startled awake with a feeling that I’m being stared at. When I turn on the bathroom lights, kitty would be staring at me while he’s on the toilet taking care of business. He gives me a frozen look and stares me down until I look away.


Recently, we lost our beloved cat Ashton. He did not appear sick, he simply just fell asleep in the grass and passed away. He was by best buddy and he’s left a small hole in all our lives. My Ashton, I hope you’re in an awesome field of butterflies and twirling, swirling red dots. Luv ya.



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