“Immigration problem in America” by Jess


There is an immigration problem in America. These people who are unskilled, uneducated, and only able to do menial jobs have settled in many major cities. Most of the men worked in construction of buildings, roads, and houses. Some of the men specialized as bricklayers, plumbers, painters and carpenters. The women work as biddies or maid servants to wealthy families. They can be found doing laundry, cleaning, and cooking.

Because of these immigrants lack of education, they are only able to earn below minimum wages. Due to the lack of money, these Immigrants live in slums around the poor regions of the cities. These slums and the lack of the ability for upward mobility caused many to turn to drinking alcohol, which causes a spike of violence due to inebriation. These slums became a plague in American cities increasing the crime and murder rate.


These slums became a hole for many immigrants, whom without the ability to move up in society and lack of education cause many to live and die in squalor. The American dream of these immigrants became skewed and have turn to a life of crime. These criminals are known to dabble in prostitution, gambling and distribution of illegal substances. Even those that share the same ethnicity who were born in America are trying to distance themselves to prevent other Americans from grouping them with these poor, uneducated, and alcoholic criminals.

These immigrants come from a country that because of its poor socioeconomic situation forced them to turn to America’s land of riches. It has been known that many Irish immigrants died from the long arduous journey.

There is an immigration problem of acceptance in America. Americans seem to forget the history of immigrants that built this country. The immigrants who came before have similar stories, just different ethnicity and skin colors. America has been a country for 238 years and as a country it still fall into the same trap of paranoia when a new wave of poor immigrants arrive into its land.


The Irish came from a country that was scourged with famine causing the economy to collapse. They were faced with dying or to look for a better way of life. Because of their lack of formal education, they could only do minimal jobs. Americans became afraid of having their jobs stolen, which caused rampant racism. The fear of violence caused some to join the Irish mob. The criminal element of the Irish dwindled as discrimination decreased and opportunities arise for education.

There is an immigration problem in America and it can solved by assimilating, educating and accepting the new immigrants. Labeling immigrants as “micks”, “guineas”, “dagos”, “pollack” and “illegals” only increases people’s prejudice against them. A way to solve the society’s problems, is to stop the dehumanization.



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